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"Your clips tell a story, create a girl loves her Halloween collection, her name clips, and so excited to pick out the day of the week (which has helped her learn her days as she picks out which one to wear each day!). 

We love your shop and all you offer!"

Tara Slavin

"I love your clips because there is no way I’m ever walking into a store here in the US and finding her name on any product!"

Shamita Rao

Leiya said:
“mom I really can do anything”, when she saw Kamala walk in as VP!"

Sandra Dones

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About Ollie's Maker Space

We started as a mom and son creating for the fun of it and grew into an all hands on deck family business and small shop that creates products for you and your littles to love!

Our goal is always to create unique personalized products that tells a story... your story. Whether its your kid's name, something that speaks to your values or just something fun, our goal is to provide quality, happiness and style! Everything you purchase is handmade by us in Brooklyn.

Want to connect with us? I am always a dm away. Reach out at, Join our FB group or follow us on Instagram!